We Grow Our Own

Daffodils, Petunias, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, Primulas, Pansies, Tomatoes, Herbaceous plants, Shrubs and Hedges - we grow them all. Visit today and find our benches and fields full of all these varieties and more...

Flowering Christmas plants


Christmas cut flowers

We grow a select range of cut flowers including Chrysanthemums, Delphiniums, Dahlias, Statice and Peonies available from March to June:

Bedding plants

Available as pack, pot, planted containers and hanging baskets throughout the Spring from March to June. Geraniums, petunias and marigolds will all add a splash of colour to your garden for the summer months:

Hedging plants

Our hedging plants are available to buy in March and then again in October and the varieties we grow include:

Herbaceous plants

Herbaceous plants are available to buy from March through to October. We grow many different varieties - here are a few:


We grow over 50 different varieties of shrubs and they too are available from March through to October. Visit us to fine these shrubs and more:

Vegetable plants

Vegetable plants are available from March to June, ready to grow and bear fruit in your garden in the summer months. Our selection includes: