Lawrence, the owner of Wallington Nursery, has grown plants on Woodmansterne Lane for over 50 years, supplying members of the public and other retail outlets with plants, cut flowers & horticultural accessories. You’ll still see Lawrence around the site today he is very active in the business.

From seedling to sale

It all starts with thousands of tiny seedlings planted and nurtured in the huge greenhouses you can see as you drive along Woodmansterne Lane in Wallington. They are painstakingly cared for as they turn into the pot bedding plants that you see filling our benches, here at Wallington Nursery, and also at Priory Farm Nursery in Nutfield. 

Thousands of seedlings are starting to show through...

Petunia pot bedding plants on the benches at Wallington Nursery

Chrysanthemums - cut flowers

Chrysanthemums are one of our favourite and most successful plants here at Wallington Nursery. They are planted in the ground inside our huge greenhouses during the spring and are ready to sell as cut flowers in the Autumn and Winter. We also grow Xanths in the open fields during the warmer months.

Steph and Sue pruning the young Chrysanthemum plants.

Some Chrysanths even grow taller than people!

Willie in the Chrysanthemum fields, as they come into bloom

Sue cutting the blooms ready to sell as cut flowers.

Meet the growers

It's all down to the hard work and dedication of the growers who are passionate about horticulture; and who enjoy working with plants. Meet our growing team of past and present...

Lawrence (aka Tink) is owner of Wallington Nursery and has spent his life growing and supplying the plants you love. 

You will find Steph tending the plants in Wallington Nursery today. 

You'll never find Willie far behind. He too is an avid grower and has spent over 40 years at the Wallington Nursery site.

Sue in the Xanths.